10 type manicures to help you stand out from the crowd

Visiting the nail salon is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many possibilities, after all. Starting a manicure at the salon always begins with me looking over the services menu and trying to figure out what I will get this time if I’ll stick with something like a regular manicure or if I want to treat myself and try something more creative like shellac or rainbow french tips. Once that decision has been made, you have factors such as how much time there is left before your appointment starts and whether you’re in need of any add-ons (such as massages) when deciding on designs for your nails too! That’s why it helped me turn to Nail Of American Height Nail Salon in Houston City with different styles including gel, acrylic overlays, feather art & 3D acrylics which she offers exclusively for kids…

1. Basic Manicure

A basic manicure is your regular, “standard” manicure. The nail technician will start by soaking your hands in warm soapy water to soften and massage dead skin cells. After this, they’ll file and buff away at any imperfections on nails as well as clean up cuticles before painting with a base coat of polish followed by the color of choice (and more paint!) To finish it all off they apply a nourishing cuticle oil that moisturizes the nail bed while providing protection against breakage caused by harsh chemicals like acetone used for removing nails polish. A few salon-going pointers: try to avoid going during peak hours like Saturday afternoons or evenings when lines are long; go easy on painter’s tape since it can dry out natural fingernails; don’t skip treatments such as paraffin wax because these provide essential nutrients for healthy fingertips.

2. Gel Manicure

Gel manicures involve the same basic steps of a traditional manicure and then adding gel polish that is cured under UV light twice. Afterward, topcoat is applied to cure nails.

3. Acrylic Overlay

Acrylic overlays are a special kind of polish that is applied over your natural nails. It takes about an hour and 30 minutes to do, depending on the nail shape and desired length. Acrylic overlays also use liquid monomer and powder polymers which create a hard protective layer over the natural nails, followed by applying regular acrylic polish or curing with UV light if getting gel manicure on top

4. French Manicure

A French manicure is a manicure that has sheer pink or beige tones with white polish tips on each nail. This can take up to 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of service. A French pedicure is done by servicing the basic mani-pedi and then applying a sheer pink or beige tone and white polish tip on each finger or toenail in order for them to match together. It should last two weeks if at least done in gel, but only about 7 days if not protected with any other product besides regular polish like acrylics.

5. American Manicure

This is a simple design of your natural nails-a flesh or cream base and nude or off-white polish. It can take up to 45 minutes to an hour for this American manicure, which involves filing and buffing the nail surfaces, wiping away any skin that might have accumulated near the cuticle area, cleaning those cuticles with oil (if desired), then polishing them with a base coat—usually in either flesh color or cream shade. The next step is painting your nail tips in light pinkish white color followed by a top coat and some drops of hand lotion soaked on cotton balls.

6. Shellac Manicure

It’s a hybrid nail product made by Creative Nail Design that can be applied similarly to regular polish. It is cured through UV lighting, but it takes up to 45 minutes for the process. The manicure lasts about 3 weeks!

7. Paraffin Manicure

Paraffin manicures are a great treatment for extremely dry skin and sore muscles. First, heat up the wax and then dip your hand into it until you feel that your skin is warm enough-this usually takes about 20 minutes or so. Next comes peeling off the wax after which you massage some lotion or cream onto your hands to help nourish them back to life!

8. Natural Nail Manicure

The au naturel manicure is great for the person that doesn’t want anything done to their nails. This includes cutting and filing your nails, cuticle care, a hand massage, and nail polish. Any other manicure you get is based on this regimen.

9. Press-On Nails

When you want to do your nails by yourself and be able to achieve the perfect 10 manicures with minimal effort, press-on nails are a good way to go. Press-on have been having a huge moment and this trend has staying power. Press-on nails you can do at home are now higher quality, easier to use, and more believable as well as customizable for your style of nail shape.

10. Plexigel Manicure

With Plexigel, manicures can be customized to your nail needs. There are two main products – the shaper and builder gel – which each caters to a different need: if you have cracks or just want your nails plumped, go with the shaper. If you’re looking for long nails or other types of builds, then opt for builder gel instead. The coating is tough but lightweight in comparison to other nail enhancements; it’s also more durable than regular-use gels!

Source: Nails Of American Height – Deluxe Nails Salon Houston

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