French Manicure Shellac: Tips and Tricks to Get the Perfect Manicure

If you’re looking for the perfect French manicure shellac that lasts for weeks, opt for the French manicure and its new avatar, the Shellac manicure. What sets these types of manicures apart is their durability. While your standard manicures chip and fade in a matter of days, the newer versions stay on much longer. The secret behind this extended life is the use of stronger chemicals and a special UV light to set them in place. Though they both have the same end result with Tapered tips and White tips painted with clear varnish, they involve different techniques with slightly different processes. Let’s take a look at what makes them different and which one gives you a better result.

What is a French Manicure?

A French manicure is a classic, elegant manicure that is typically done with a clear polish. The nails are shaped and then the topcoat is applied for a clean, professional look.

Shellac Manicure

: Best for every day The Shellac manicure is best for those who want to have a manicure that’ll last. The process is more expensive than the traditional nail polish, but it’s worth the price because you don’t have to worry about your mani chipping and peeling like you would with regular polish. With Shellac, you can go seven-eight days without any touch-ups. It’s also a great option for those who work in an industry that requires their hands to be in water or in contact with harsh chemicals, as this nail polish will stand up against them better than your average polish.

Differences between French and Shellac manicures

There are two different types of manicures that both have the same end result, but they differ in their execution. The French manicure typically involves dipping your nails into a white-tinted varnish and then wiping the surface off with nail polish remover. This leaves a white tip at the end of your nail. The Shellac manicure is similar to the French manicure, but it includes a UV light process that seals the color onto the nails and gives them an extended life. The UV light gives your nails added protection from chipping and allows you to keep your mani for up to 2 weeks without having to touch up or reapply the color. Both types of manicures have their pros and cons, so let’s break them down one by one.

Benefits of a French manicure

A French manicure is one of the first types of manicures to be associated with a specific style. The nails are shaped into square tips and then painted with white nail polish. It’s an elegant and easy-to-style look that can be worn for any occasion. In the past, many people would avoid this type of manicure because it had a reputation for being too time-consuming to maintain. This is no longer the case, as newer versions of the French manicure last up to two weeks without chipping or fading.

Tips to get the perfect French manicure

The perfect French manicure is all about the perfect color. Choose a white nail polish that suits your skin tone and has a glossy finish. For the nails themselves, you’ll need to apply a base coat and two coats of varnish. The first coat should be applied in one direction, while the second should be applied from side to side. Polish off with a topcoat for added gloss and protection against chips.


Getting a French manicure is a great way to show off your nails. And with a little know-how and practice, it can be as easy as getting a regular manicure. First things first—let’s take a look at the difference between a French manicure and a Shellac manicure. Shellac is a popular form of nail polish that’s applied over the natural nail, whereas a French manicure is created by applying the same color polish to the tips of the nails. Shellac is typically more long-lasting than nail polish. The two are great options for women who are interested in enhancing their nails without having to worry about chipping or damage. Keep in mind what look you are going for before you decide on either option. If you’re going for a natural look, you may want to opt for a French manicure. If you’re looking for something more polished, Shellac is likely the way to go.

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